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Demo guestbooks

To get a better look at our free service, check out the demo guestbooks below. Each guestbook will be opened in a new window.

Demo guestbook 1
This is our default design. It can easily be modified to fit your website.

Demo guestbook 2
This is a very nice design. Please note that we have set the user language to Spanish in this guestbook. The defualt language is always set to English.

Demo guestbook 3
This is a compact design which is suitable for web pages with narrow frames.

Demo guestbook 4
This last demo is based on one of our most popular designs.

Preview design

You can choose design from one of our 125 predefined themes listed below after you have registered your guestbook. You can also modify the design at any time and your changes will instantly appear in your guestbook.

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